The benefits of luggage shipping

When you are booking your holidays, you focus on getting the best deals on your flights, accommodation and car hire. A new service is helping travellers to have an easier journey too and from their hotels and save money in the process.

Have you ever considered using an international luggage shipping service? Courierpoint will arrange for a leading branded international courier service to collect your luggage from either your home or office a few days before you travel, and then send the shipment to your hotel. It is usually delivered before you even get to the hotel.

They send out a shipping pack that includes free label holders and all the shipping labels that you need. The proactively track the luggage as it moves throughout its journey and then send over a notification confirming that the shipment has been delivered so that you can travel like a VIP, with complete peace of mind knowing that your luggage is already weighting for you on arrival.

What does this mean in reality for you, well you get to avoid all the carrying and queuing to check in your luggage at the airport. So that you get to travel with only the hand luggage that you need. You also get to go straight off the aeroplane without having to wait for your baggage to be off loaded.

This is especially valuable for travellers who are elderly, disabled or travelling with your children. As they do not need the added inconvenience that taking on board luggage with them entails. It is also extremely valuable for sportier travellers who like to carry sporting equipment with them on holiday. For example, golf clubs are often carried on holiday to the Algarve to enjoy their great courses.

You also get the added advantage of a sending bags upto a standard weight of 30 kilos at a fixed price. This compares well against many airline baggage standard fees, for example Easyjet offer a price for taking 23 kilos of hold baggage and charge an additional £10 for each additional kilo at check in. This means that a 30 kilo bag can cost in excess of £100, compared with Courierpoint’s rates of £24 – £44 for a 30 kilo bag being sent within the European union.

Of course clients do not only send baggage around the world, but many people who are relocating or student studying abroad will also send their boxes and bags through in this service. They regularly send a bag or parcel to Australia for clients travelling to or from Australia.

So next time you are travelling internationally and are planning to take baggage, personal possessions or sports equipment with you, why not consider sending them ahead so that you can enjoy your journey more. This service provides a great opportunity for travellers to save time, trouble and money on their baggage costs and with holidays costing so much, is a very welcome option.






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