Finding accommodation for your long term stay on the Costa del Sol

If you are considering living on a semi-permanent basis on the Costa del Sol then it is likely you will be searching for a long term rental in Marbella as it is the heart of the sunshine coast and by far the most desirable place to live.

Typically types of properties here include villas, houses and apartments. Apartments such as ground floor or penthouse are probably the most readily available. Especially with the recent influx of building projects, meaning there are more options than ever before.

Marbella Long Term Rentals are a company that specializes in finding accommodation for their clients on a longer term basis. We have contact with owners, realtors and banks that give us one of the best selections of up to date property in the area. Having been established in the area for nearly 10 years, we are one of the few agencies that have built a reputable name for themselves. With far too many bedroom based agencies and a number of scammers on the prowl, it is imperative that you find yourself a trustworthy agency.

What to expect?

Renting long term in Marbella is similar to any other country. References will be required, a deposit will be paid and contracts are generally for 1 year, with both the owner and tenant having the option to renew or cancel. You would forfeit this contract if any terms are not met such as rent not being paid, unruly behaviour or any number of other mentioned clauses.

What are the prices?

It should be noted that this is not a cheap place to live. Marbella demands some of the highest yielding rental in the country. Typically apartments with 2 bedrooms would be a minimum of 1,000€per month and could go up to 2,000€per month depending on a number of factors such as view, furnishings and exact location. Villas on the other hand can easily go up to 10,000€ per month plus, with our company record being a rental that achieved 25,000€ per month.

Things to do?

If you have eventually decided that Marbella is the place for you then welcome to a world of culinary delights and activities that will keep you busy 365 days of the year! A number of world famous eateries can be found up and down the costa including Bebo by Danny Garcia (Spain’s Gordon Ramsay) and La Sala which is part owned by ex-Tottenham footballed David Bently.

Other activities range from paintballing, go-karting, off road ATVing, scuba diving, fishing, river walking and cycling all features highly in the area.

Any last words?

No matter who you decide to use when you rent a property, please make sure you ask some simple questions. Where are you based? Can we meet at your office? Who is the owner? And if there is any slither of doubt in your mind then do the right things and call a reputable agency like us!

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