The Right Mix of History, Wildlife and Culture on Your Trips to Egypt

Egypt is always brilliant and still shines as an extraordinary source of glamour and opulence in the Middle East, thus we receive thousands of visitors annually in Egypt. In fact, Egypt combines all views of beauty and adventure that fulfill all our guests’ interests and desires. Egypt is full of stunning historical destinations that contain priceless treasures, jewelry, and artifacts that date backs thousands of years.

Trips to Egypt takes you back through history of 7000 years of civilization to witness the historical monumental sightseeing in Cairo and reveal the secrets of the ancient in Giza Pyramids Complex and the Great Sphinx. Experience the unique mummies and artifacts in the Egyptian Museum and get the chance to tour Khan El Khalili Bazaar. You have the ability to stroll through the ancient districts of Cairo and try the Egyptian food at a local restaurant.

Heading down to Upper Egypt, explore the impressive ruins of Luxor in Karnak Temple and admire the precious wealth of Queen Hatshepsut, revealing the hidden timeless contents of the kings’ tombs in Valley of the Kings. Take in Modern Egypt over the banks of the Nile Valley, casting your eyes with the immortal landscapes and the primitive houses of our ancestors.

Continue your trip in southern Egypt, and discover majestic Aswan where you can bring both ancient history and luxury together. Start with Aswan monuments, and visit the fantastic Two Massive Temples of Abu Simbel and stroll through Philae Temple, KomOmbo, and Edfu Temples and amaze yourself with the noble heritage of the Nubians. You also have the possibility to be close of Aswan inhabitants who are famous for their handicrafts such as carpets, and pottery.

Observing the other face of Egypt, turn to Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh where you can find a wide variety of relaxation and luxury over the seashore of the Red Sea, enjoying the fresh air, the warm Sun, and the blissful waters. Many activities are available for Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh visitors, such as snorkeling trips, windsurfing, and diving among the impressive coral reefs and sea turtels and offers all of these with high-quality services.


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