Studying Abroad? Tips for Packing for a Successful Trip

The opportunity to study in a different country is one that brings about many feelings including excitement, joy, fear and some apprehension. Studying abroad is a fabulous opportunity that can open up the world for young students. They can learn a different culture, speak a new language and become more aware of the world outside their own home town. When heading overseas, it can become somewhat overwhelming when it comes to preparing for the trip. There are passports and possibly visa’s to obtain, plane tickets to secure and housing to pull together. When it comes to actually packing for the trip, it is important to bring along what is actually needed, since many airlines have weight restrictions on baggage.

The first thing to do when planning the items to bring along is to make a list. The list should be categorized according to clothing items, toiletries, school items and entertainment. When it comes to clothing items, consider the climate of the country you are visiting. Be sure to pack only the clothing that is absolutely necessary. If the temperatures are not as warm or cold as expected, most locales have clothing stores where appropriate clothes can be bought. Since most airlines have weight restrictions on baggage, packing only the necessary clothing items is important. The same can be said for toiletries. Shampoo bottles can be heavy, so it might be best to either carry sample sizes of shampoo bottles or buy them at convenience stores in the new country.

School items can consist of books, notepads and various items that not only add weight baggage, but that can also be purchased overseas. Typically when you study abroad, most of the work can be done on computers or other electronic items. If books are needed, they can be provided by the school in the host country. Books can also be accessed on an electronic reader or a tablet. For entertainment, consider bringing along a deck of cards or other travel games. These are all relatively small, so they take up less space and weight in your luggage.

Traveling abroad to study can be the most rewarding and exciting time of your life. Packing for success is important, as it will make the trip go as smoothly as possible.

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