If you are preparing your journey and wish to discover hidden gems at the destination you are going to there’s no other way – the only way you be in touch with local people and companies.

There are few ‘monsters’ on the market like TripAdvisor or Expedia, etc, but all of them are mainly concentrated on the mass tours generating them stable profits. Therefore is clever to look for something what will guarantee you really unique tours, trips and activities provided by local people and companies.

If you investigate the subject deeply and you prefer quality and unique things to do you will discover there’s an online booking platform that offers exactly what you are looking for. It’s name – TripsPoint.con and it’s really the best and most advanced booking platform that I ever had to deal with! This is your 1st priority website, if you are looking to book unique tours and experiences from local companies and people.

There are basic differences of from their competitors and I love these differences, because that’s make a difference!

First of all you don’t need to pay full amount in advance! While booking a tour or activity, you are paying just a part of payment, usually quite small, as a booking deposit. As I understood it guarantee your booking is serious and make sure your participation in the tour, excursion or activity.¬† It’s a great thing, because I can plan my trips, tours and things to do long time in advance without spending may money right now.

Second, and very important, they have a great tool like TripsPoint Messenger – this is a great tool allowing you to communicate with your tour provider directly literally like in WhatsApp – I call it Travel WhatsApp. It extremely convenient because usually abroad mobile calls are very expensive and even not always possible, but nowadays you can find free Wi-Fi anywhere!

They have also extremely fast and friendly customer support, if you have any questions or doubts. My first experience with TripsPoint was on may journey to Canary Islands, exactly to Tenerife Island. It seams they have started from there, because they have a lot of tours and things to do in Tenerife. I’m very experienced traveller and have been more than to 60 countries along the last 20 years, bust this trip to Tenerife with 5 tours booked at was my really the best experience ever. I cannot leave them a tip, but now I try to book all the things to do, if possible, there and I can recommend you to do the same – you would definitely not regret!

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