Canada Travel Tips


As the second largest landmass in the world, there’s plenty to see in Canada. But even with its vast size, stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific coasts, it is by no means insurmountable, and is a more than welcoming environment for budget travelers.


In a country so vast, travel is one of the first issues that will concern the budget traveler keen on getting to hostels in Canada on time, but also in the cheapest way possible. Rest assured, though, that when it comes to efficient and competitively priced travel, Canada is on a par with its southern neighbors the US.

As is to be expected, the quickest way of getting from city to city is by airplane, but for those whose finances may not be able to stretch even as far as the budget carrier WestJet, there is the Greyhound Canada coach service that operates between cities.

Of course, an additional bonus of the coach option is that it allows travelers the opportunity to see some of Canada’s awe-inspiring, but often inhospitable countryside on the way.

British or French Canada?

Canada’s rich cultural history has endowed it with both French and English-speaking quarters, each offering a different set of attractions that will separate respective travelers’ different tastes.

In French-speaking Montreal and Quebec, where the French relinquished power to the conquering English in 1759, there is an unmistakable blend of European and North American culture.

Nowhere has this become more evident than in the Montreal Jazz Festival. As the world’s largest jazz festival, it attracts the cream of talent from the distinctly contrasting European and US jazz world on a yearly basis, with some shows attracting audiences in excess of 100,000.

By contrast, English-speaking Toronto has become the epitome of multiculturalism, with established communities from all over the world that not only mean its hugely hospitable, but also offers plenty of cheap accommodation and boasts some of the best Canada hostels.

Highlights include Chinatown, among the largest in North America. But tourists should not miss out on the bohemian Kensington Market, Queen Street West Fashion District and Greektown.


Blessed with more than its fare share of snow and exciting peaks (such as Mount Robson and the Glacier and Revelstoke), reveling in one of Canada’s self-proclaimed sporting pastimes is highly recommended.

For the less energetic, experiencing the landscape can be done on foot, with plenty of cheap tours available of the Glacier and Revelstoke mountain ranges or the Waterton Lakes.

Canadian Travel Insurance – Why It’s Important

Medical coverage can be a big concern for Canadian residents who travel on a regular basis. Regular insurance may only cover a small portion of emergency medical expenses that occur outside of the providence in which a person resides, if any of is even covered at all.

Uncovered emergency medical expenses can absolutely cripple a person or family financially. Emergency medical care costs can begin to add up even if you do have some coverage, but those with no coverage at all could quickly find themselves in a hole too deep to get out of after just a day or two in the hospital.

Extra travel insurance could be an absolute necessity if you are required to travel on a regular basis for your employer, but it’s also a good idea for those that just need to travel on occasion.

Piece of Mind

Travel insurance in Canada is available to almost all people in virtually any type of situation where travel is taking place. It’s capable of taking care of someone involved in any multitude of different situations, so Canadian residents are able to travel as much as they need to without any worries at all.

Outsiders looking In

For people traveling to Canada from another country, the problem of coverage under their regular insurance may also pose a problem. Many insurance companies don’t cover all of the expenses that can be incurred when an injury or emergency occurs during international travel.

For people who want to spend some time in Canada for pleasure, or those that are required to travel to and stay in Canada for business there is Visitors to Canada travel insurance.

Emergency medical care anywhere in the world can be very expensive, but with visitors to Canada travel insurance visitors can spend their time in Canada focusing on what’s important to their trip, whether it be business or pleasure, without any fear.

In order to obtain Visitors to Canada travel insurance, a visitor will need to know in which province they will be spending the majority of their time and they’ll have to fill out a declaration of health before being able to purchase the plan that will best accommodate their needs for a particular trip. That doesn’t seem like very much at all to truly obtain piece of mind to know that you’ll be taken care of in the event of any unforeseen instances.

Travel insurance, depending upon the type of plan chosen, may also cover such things as: accommodations, transportation and reimbursement for necessities like clothing and toiletries in the event that an injury or emergency prevents you from continuing your travels as planned.

If you are traveling with family and loved ones and purchase a plan for the group – if one person becomes injured or requires emergency treatment, the others in the group could be eligible for several amenities as well should the injury affect or inhibit the rest of their travel.

Many travelers going from province to province or coming from outside of Canada in, think that travel insurance is simply an extra expense that they don’t really need – they adopt the attitude that if they travel and nothing happens to them (which is often the most likely outcome) that they will have, in effect, wasted X amount of dollars that could have been used for something better. Though this is a very real possibility, in most cases there will be no accidents or emergencies what so ever and all travelers will arrive home on time, safe and sound. What these travelers should consider though is that accidents do happen – one accident could mean terrible things for a traveler who isn’t covered.

For those traveling (especially frequently) through Canada and who aren’t already covered through some other method of coverage, Canadian travel insurance should be considered a necessity.

Find Out the Best Rail Trips in Western Canada

Before the year ends many individuals are planning for a trip to any part of the country to have their vacation or for them to relax and enjoy. Different countries were selected so that preferences will be made choosing the best place to travel and relax. Never forget to write Western Canada on your list and be confident to pick this place as your priority as you go on with your vacation. There are many travelers discover brilliant places as they have their Western Canada Vacations. They recognize these locations as they traveled between the beautiful places of Vancouver and Rockies, but only few crosses the place by rail across the emerald lakes and the towering peaks of the British Columbia.

Be enlightened as you start your travel to Western Canada with train trips. Now, get on board and feel the Sea to Sky from Whistler to Vancouver, Kicking Horse and so with Mountaineer’s Yellow Head route from the lovely place of Vancouver to Banff, and lastly the Fraser Discovery Route from Jasper to Whistler. It was proven by many people that the most stunning North American Rail travels are in Canada. You can capture the scenery and excitement which are very fantastic when you travel across Canada by train through Rocky Mountaineer or Via Rail.

Fasten your seat belts as you start Western Canada travel with the Canadian Independent Train Tours. This train travel through Canada and you can have your stay at the popular locations with their good looking hotels. This independent rail tour has already set the places for exploring different places from Toronto to Vancouver. You can enjoy your stay on the amazing places where you can dine on the famous delicious cuisine. Witness the rugged terrain, vistas of prairie wilderness and the snow-capped mountain peaks heading west to the Pacific Ocean. On the Other Hand you also have the freedom if you want to travel by you own.

You can now travel and discover the most brilliant places of Canada by Rocky Mountaineer Train Tours. This offers a unique tour in which you can experience the best feeling enjoyment as you travel to Western Canada. This train has become a symbolic travel experience that has been known worldwide. It is also known as the largest privately owned passenger train service in North America and give you a memorable and unforgettable vacation ever in your whole life.

There are other tour trains that you can ride from doing a rail trip. To continue your Western Canada travel you discover the place with the Canada Luxury Train known by many as the Orient Express. The Canadian Steam Train which is the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains and the Combination Train Tours in Canada which gives a different rail experience. With all of these trains you can select which one would you prefer from. Your journey does not end in here for you can still explore the places with your own flexibility and make it as one of your most extraordinary journey.

Nelson, British Columbia, Canada Travel Information

Nelson BC is located in the West Kootenays region of British Columbia, Canada. If you look at a map of British Columbia, the Kootenays are located in the southeast area of the province. Nelson is approximately midway between Vancouver and Calgary. If you are coming from the US, Nelson is approximately a three-hour scenic drive from Spokane, Washington (including time for the border crossing).

The city of Nelson was established on the southern shores of Kootenay Lake in the late 1800’s. Commerce originally centered around mining, forestry and trade. In the early 1980’s, the main sawmill in town closed down and the economy of the city suffered. Since then, Nelson has become more diversified, and along with forestry the area is now well known for it’s arts, culture, tourism, and outdoors opportunities.

If you are planning a visit to Nelson, there are a number of hotels and motels to choose from. The main hotels include the Prestige Inn, the Hume Hotel, the Best Western, the New Grand hotel, and the Alpine motel. If you would like to stay right downtown, your best bets are the Hume, New Grand, or Best Western. These three hotels all have their own restaurants. The Prestige Inn is located right on the shore of Kootenay Lake, if you like to be near the water. If you are traveling by RV, there is a Walmart at the main mall in town. RV’s can often be seen spending the night in the Walmart parking lot.

The main street in Nelson is called Baker Street. Here you will find a diversified assortment of stores and cafes to browse, including fine coffee houses, restaurants, outdoor outfitters, ski and snowboard stores, bike stores, gifts, arts and crafts, and bookstores. If you’re a coffee lover, a stay in Nelson wouldn’t be complete without a taste of locally made Oso Negro coffee. If biking is your thing, you’ll have to make a stop at the Sacred Ride bike shop at the west end of Baker Street. There are three major banks on Baker if you need to access cash. Looking to buy property or a house in Nelson? There are three real estate storefronts on Baker Street where you can peruse photos of Nelson and area realty.

Need some ideas of things to do in Nelson? You could spend some time down at Lakeside Park. There is a sandy beach for swimming or sun tanning, lots of grassy areas for picnics, a children’s playground, and soccer and baseball fields. There is also a heritage streetcar ride that travels between Lakeside Park and the Prestige Inn. You can go swimming indoors at the Aquatic center, which has a full pool, kids pool, sauna, steam room and hot pool. The Aquatic center is located in the newly constructed recreation center, which hosts Nelson’s new hockey arena.

Outside of Nelson, you can travel up highway 31 to Ainsworth Hot Springs (approximately 45 km north) for a day in the natural warm spring waters and caves. The hot springs are directly adjacent to a hotel and restaurant. You can also take the longest free ferry ride at Balfour (35 km north of Nelson) across Kootenay Lake to Crawford Bay. If you prefer mountain biking, park off-highway at the start of any forest road and spend a day exploring on the mountains. Wildlife you may see include deer, elk, moose, cougar and black bears. The highway turn off to the Whitewater ski hill is 10 km south of Nelson. If you park at the highway turn off, you will find the Nelson Nordic ski club cross-country ski trails. Other towns you may want to visit within an easy day’s drive include Kaslo, Ymir, Salmo, Castlegar, Trail, Rossland, and Slocan City.

Travel to Nelson continues to increase, and most of it comes through ‘word of mouth’ advertising. Some who thought they were coming for a visit ended up relocating here, saying they have never seen any other place quite like Nelson. So whether you’re looking for some relaxation, an adventure, or a chance to be revitalized, the odds are you will find it in Nelson.